Working as a Team

Tin Tức / Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Working as a Team

Unfortunately, pet emergencies don’t always occur during typical business hours. When one of your patients needs after-hours care, you can rely on the expertise and diagnostics of C-VETS and our medical team. In exchange, we will represent your practice with the utmost integrity and respect, and treat your patients and their families as if they were our own.

Recognizing that no one knows a family pet and understand its needs better than you, we welcome collaboration throughout your patient’s time with us, and will gladly call you to discuss the case. Upon discharge, we will instruct your client to visit your office as soon as possible, and forward all information, reports, updated medical records and images to your location. And, as always, we appreciate your feedback on how we can better serve your practice and your clients.

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